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The Power Mac G5 was one of the last PowerPC machines Apple produced and sold. It remains a capable computer today. This website is dedicated to the venerable machine, providing users with information on available hardware and software choices for their G5.

Enjoy! -- Nathan

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Did you just pick up a Power Mac G5 via eBay, CraigsList, or locally? Are you interested in souping up that old G5 sitting in your garage? Do you need to squeeze more life out of your office or home G5?

The apps linked under our nifty categories above are sort of curated by me and, in some cases, from other great blogs. These apps do not represent an objective "best of" but should be taken as a starting point to find what works best for you.

If you need a place to begin, check out the Hardware page and then proceed to the System page to get your machine up and running quickly.

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About My Power Mac G5

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My Power Mac G5 has been modified from its stock state with a 120GB OWC Mercury 3G solid state drive, a 1.5 TB Western Digital drive, 10 GB of RAM, and a GeForce 7800GT video card.

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This website was built on my Power Mac G5, using the following software:

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Where to Find PowerPC Community

Published on December 15, 2016

A loyal reader asked me a good question - where do you go to find a discussion forum for other PowerPC users?

The actual question included a subtle suggestion that I open up some kind of forum or give a way for more ongoing discussion here on the site. I love that idea, but my history with web forums, especially on small sites like mine, is that they get stale and stagnant. No need to create competition among our limited community, and I really don't like the security issues that come with hosting forums. Spam is a major issue.

First, you are always welcome to hijack any post thread I have with a specific question or something to share, even if it is off-topic. Go for it. I appreciate that a number of people email me, and I do apologize if I don't get back right away or miss your email. Feel free to send again. I won't take offense. I have a full-time (plus) calling, and my schedule tends to be unpredictable.

Second, here are some suggestions if you want to discuss your machines, trade war stories, offer links, or whatever. Keep in mind that any forum is populated by people with different backgrounds, some with inaccurate information, and others with sizable egos. Just like life. Have some perspective. AND DON'T FORGET TO SEARCH TO SEE IF SOMEONE ALREADY ASKED YOUR QUESTION. (Haha.)

  • MacRumors PowerPC Forum is a really solid discussion forum (maybe the largest of the bunch) with a swathe of opinionated, experienced people. But it's a good way to stay up on top of what is new.
  • Info-Mac is another resource. Dan, the System7Today guy, has transitioned the old System 7 conversations to the Vintage Mac channel. I didn't see a specific PowerPC channel, but this might be a good place to start.
  • ThinkClassic seems like another potential resource, though the newer PowerPC forum doesn't seem so heavily used. That could always change.
  • 68KMLA is a great resource for fans of older Mac tech, and their PowerPC forum, which I didn't realize they had, looks to be well-maintained and has some excellent resources.

As you go looking for discussion sites or resources, feel free to share them with me. I am going to work on switching around my links and may add a few more that you find useful.

-- Nathan

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