While G5Center has slowed down a bit, my offline life continues to keep me overwhelmed. Have no fear though – more posts and updates are coming, including a long awaited next release for SimpleMarkPPC.

I’ve been having fun with tigerbrew lately. It was really helpful to begin messing around with multimarkdown, which is the core of SimpleMarkPPC, but I’m continuing to have fun with some of the other command line utilities that work great on our Macs. Check it out for yourself.

Tigerbrew even gives us a simple option to web browse from within Terminal.app. The downside is that browsers like elinks are text only, but if TenFourFox runs slow on your ancient PowerPC machine, you might find it a quicker way to get to certain websites. See the screenshot below. Once you install tigerbrew, all you need to do is type ‘brew install elinks’ to test it out for yourself.

— Nathan