New SSD on the block

Right now, our list of compatible SSDs remains pretty small, but I am hoping that changes as people out there continue to experiment with different models.

Mushkin, a typically solid producer of solid state drives, has come out with a new model that is a NewEgg exclusive called the ECO2 line. They are cheap. Not just cheap, but super cheap. These are some of the most affordable options out there from a reputable brand.

The question is – do they work on G5s?

I have a little hope that they do. For one, they are aimed at the lower end of the market and use an older version of the Sandforce controller. This means that they are intended to be used in older and newer systems, maximizing compatibility. This also means they are at least worth exploring.

The prices are just nice, topping out at a retail price of $159.99 for a 480 GB variant. They are marketed as having a real solid speed. Of course, real world numbers can vary, but for older computers like ours, we’d never see all that speed anyway.

You can read up more about them here: Mushkin’s ECO2 SSDs Bring Fast Storage to Small Budgets.

The question is – am I going to be the one who gives one of these a test go? I’ll see.

— Nathan

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