SimpleMark Version 1.3 Now Available

Welcome to Version 1.3 of SimpleMarkPPC, the world’s “PowerPC only” MarkDown app for Mac OS X 10.4 and 10.5.

Version 1.3 makes significant changes to the app. After years of being frustrated with the AutoSave feature, which worked but produced occasional bizarre bugs like missing letters as you typed, I removed it completely. Now, each time you hit save, which you should do frequently if you want to protect your work, the MarkDown preview displays on the right.

In addition, the app will now open and save to .TXT and .MD files from the get go. I can add future filename extensions of choice easily.

This app is dead simple. You can adjust your font preferences in the Preferences window. It runs your text through an older version of multimarkdown (which can be found in the Resources folder within the app bundle if you want to mess around with it). You can still export to a variety of different file options and print a rather rough but serviceable Markdown copy to a printer if you want.

This app is serviceable. Newer Markdown apps out there do a lot more cool stuff, and I keep wondering if I could get one of them to run someday. In the meanwhile, this could work if you need to mess around with MarkDown files on your G4 or G5.

Download it now.

Remember, it’s still beta software, partly because I am relying on a 2009 version of Real Basic that has all kinds of quirks and also because I am sure there are other strange bugs that will crop up. Give me feedback.

— Nathan

3 thoughts on “SimpleMark Version 1.3 Now Available”

  1. Sorry to bother you, but I am trying out SimpleMark and am seeing an issue with it. I am on 10.4.11 on a Titanium G4 Powerbook. It appears to me that there is no rendering on the right hand side of the Markdown output. I have gone into the apps Resources folder and tried to run the multimarkdown app directly in the terminal, but also see no output. I’m just curious if it relies on something that I may not have installed? I chowned the app to root in hopes that that might help. I’m just trying to breathe some life into an old laptop (new to me) and thought your software seemed great. Thanks

  2. I apologize, everything is working ok. I didn’t realize that you needed to save the document for the render to happen on the right side of the window. I also worked some more with the commandline tool and realized that it would not spit out any information without a –v or –h flag. I’m glad I kept playing. Hats off to you for a fun app. thanks.


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