Welcome to the family

I swung by the local university surplus shop to take a look at some older iMacs, Mac Pros, and Macbooks to see if there were any deals that perked my interest.

Unfortunately, despite seeing a Mac Mini G4 there, everything ended up being a little pricy or just old enough to not be worth it. I nearly pulled the trigger on an early Intel iMac in good shape, but with RAM capped at 6 GB, I didn’t feel confident. So, I was about to leave when I realized that this gorgeous Mac-like monitor was calling my name. After hooking it up and giving it a test drive, I knew it was coming home.

Apple Cinema Display

Yes, I am now complimenting my trusty G5 with a gorgeous Apple Cinema Display. They go together like long lost brothers. They were made for each other like stars of a Hollywood romance. Maybe a “Han and Chewie” of the PowerPC era?

— Nathan