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It’s been nearly a month since my last post. I’ve basically just been very busy with travel and projects caring for homeless men and women in my community.

So to tithe you over, here are a few links for your continued perusal and learning.

The Quadras, Cubes, and G5 blog followed the exploits of its author in trying to get his G5 back and running after it failed to boot up. It’s a good read if you have similar issues with your G5, because someday, you will. Maybe it’s the G5s finicky power management system? Who knows. Read the first one here, then his followup, and then the exciting conclusion.

Good news: TenFourFox 31.5.0 is out. Also, in that same link, find out how to build RAM disks in Tiger/Leopard if you want. Cool stuff.

PPC Luddite provides a quick and dirty comparison of the various ad blockers for Firefox. The winner: uBlock.

Have you ever heard of Hollywood? No, not THE Hollywood. Hollywood is also a multimedia app development kit that can work on PPC Macs and a whole other range of hardware. I’m intrigued.

— Nathan

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